Upcoming Projects

Get ready for our Upcoming Projects: Stay tuned for exciting new adventures, innovative game systems, and immersive expansions, as we continue to push the boundaries of role-playing experiences.

Loner Complete

Loner will be expanded to include the 12 Adventure Packages that will take the game to new levels! Including Character Traits, quick setting, NPCs, Factions, and Adventure Seeds!

Savage Sands of Zalanthar

Play on Zalanthar with this game for the Cairn ecosystem!

Complete with background, equipment and bestiary

Sol: Beyond Earth

Explore the vast reaches of the solar system in Sol: Beyond Earth. Set in the year 2090, this role-playing game immerses you in a future where humanity has colonized the entire solar system. Navigate the harsh environment, encounter rival factions, and use your skills to thrive in this challenging frontier.

Based on GIST!

SoLAR: Slice of Life Anime Realized

Have you always wanted to play slice-of-life anime but didn't know how? SoLAR was born for this. With a tag-based system and hybrid resolution with dice and poker card!