Games developed with the 24XX SRD by Jason Tocci, an excellent FKR framework to focus on action & context

Sol: Beyond Earth

Dive into a vivid retrofuturistic universe where the space race never ceased!

It's 2090, and humanity's reach spans the entire solar system. Earth is the hub of a united civilization. Mars thrives, the Moon is bustling, and the gas giants' moons hum with activity.

But survival beyond Earth is no cakewalk. Radiation, micrometeoroids, and resource disputes test your mettle. You're an astronaut, a scientist, a pilot - and your skills are humanity's last hope.

Sol: Beyond Earth delivers a rules-light setting-heavy streamlined gaming experience. It's ready to play, featuring situational skill rolls instead of numeric statistics.

Explore the diverse colonies of a thriving solar system, confront challenges, navigate politics, and forge your destiny among the stars.

198X: Midnight Misfits

Dive into the heart of the 80s with 198X: Midnight Misfits, a game where the bonds of friendship collide with the mystery of the supernatural. In the quaint yet curious town of Clearview, you and your friends stumble upon phenomena that challenge the fabric of reality. From eerie lights in an abandoned mine to the strange behaviors of local pets, every corner of Clearview hides secrets waiting to be uncovered.

2019: Angel City Blues

2019 Angel City Blues takes you to the neon-soaked, rain-drenched streets of a future that mirrors the complex interplay of humanity and technology. This tabletop RPG sets the stage for a neo-noir adventure where players navigate the blurred lines between right and wrong, human and machine.

Set against the backdrop of Angel City in 2019, the game invites you to explore a world where advanced tech and human lives intertwine in unexpected ways. Your decisions shape the narrative, offering a mix of intrigue, danger, and moral dilemmas.

202X: Special Ops

In 202X Special Ops, players enter a world of high-stakes espionage and tactical operations. This tabletop RPG combines intense action with deep strategy, inviting players to take on the roles of elite operatives navigating a world dominated by private military companies and shadow governments.

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