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Welcome to Zalanthar, an ancient alien world, long forgotten in the depths of time, far away from Earth. Here, high technology and magic collide in a world of variegated cultures, where ancient ruins hint at a mysterious and forgotten past. In this world of danger and adventure, where fierce factions battle for power and survival, swords are a prevalent means of resolving conflicts. Explore the vast and treacherous deserts, frozen wastelands, and dense jungles filled with dangerous predators and poisonous plants. Join the elite adventurers who seek to unravel the secrets of this enigmatic world and become part of its rich and diverse history.

A complete, yet brief, sword and planet system-agostic setting for your favorite RPG!

Binary Trinity

Binary Trinity is a micro-RPG designed with immediacy and zero cruch in mind.
Describe your character with 3 attributes, toss 3 coins and narrate the results.

Designed for when you don't have dice and just a few slips of paper in informal situations, such as fillers or for improvised games.

The Black Pit

Welcome to the Black Pit and the Six Worlds, a sphere of weird science fiction and temporal anomalies.

This unofficial supplement for Troika! contains:

Be aware! The Pit does not forgive the unwary...