About us

Zotiquest Games is a one-person venture founded with the objective of developing role-playing games that were not being produced by other companies.

My mission is to create role-playing games that are accessible, promoting the use of open licenses and experimentation. I strive to provide engaging and innovative gaming experiences designed to cater to diverse preferences and play styles.

At Zotiquest Games, I primarily focus on three areas of interest: NSR games, Solo RPGs, and Rules-light games. I take pride in offering a variety of titles ranging from traditional role-playing games to solitary adventures and games with lightweight rules.

When it comes to distributing our games, I make them available in digital format on itch.io and publish them as Print On Demand through platforms like Amazon and Lulu.

Despite the recent foundation, I am determined to make a difference in the world of role-playing games. As I continue to grow and explore new frontiers, I appreciate your support and are grateful for the opportunity to share my passion with you.

Thank you for visiting Zotiquest Games and giving me the chance to accompany you on unique and unforgettable adventures. I am excited to share our world of role-playing games with you.

Roberto Bisceglie - Founder and game designer