Solo RPGs

Embark on solo adventures: Explore our immersive collection of solitary RPG games.

Loner (2nd Edition)

Loner  is a minimalist solo game that will allow you to have amazing adventures in any genre and setting with two pairs of dice and only your imagination as the limit!

Based on Freeform Universal, this revised second edition is the result of player feedback and is designed to introduce even the neophyte to solo RPG.

Loner (1st Edition)

Loner is a bare-bone freeform solo RPG designed to play with a solo character in “narrative” mode. You’ll guide your character through the story that will unravel during the game, asking closed questions to an oracle who will assume the role of Game Master. Every now and then the game will surprise you when an unexpected plot twist happens!

so1um enhanced

This is an enhanced version of so1um 0.6 by Matt Jackson, a solo-rpg system geared to fast play with lightweight and elegant rules, which combines D6 and clichés.